We’re about bringing the community together sharing great food for good causes

Adelaide’s Longest Lunch was formed to showcase our wonderful region, by bringing together our amazing producers, restaurants, wineries and businesses whilst celebrating this at an Iconic location.

We are so fortunate in this State to be able to tap into our wonderful regions and what a great way to celebrate this by having one long table spanning the entire length of the Riverbank Footbridge based right in the Centre of the Adelaide CBD. All of this is being done with raising much needed funds for LOCAL charities front of mind. The Adelaide’s Longest Lunch was the brainchild of Kristen Raison and Rilka Warbanoff whom, over a bottle of Red wine decided that we needed to activate Spring and to celebrate our wonderful State by bringing together corporate Adelaide.

Dress Code: All White with a touch of Tennis Elegance and Class

Meet Kristen Raison

Principal Director of High Heel Consulting Pty Ltd

Kristen has recently commenced running her own business providing Executive Coaching, Leadership and Sales Mentoring.

Her new role is to Coach, Mentor and Support Professionals and Businesses, both large and small, enabling them to grow both personally and professionally.  Along with showing them how to increase their people engagement and culture whilst providing a measured return on overall investment for their business.

After spending the last 7 years leading the Westpac Private Banking team in South Australia and Northern Territory. She was also the National Head of Staff engagement, people and culture initiatives which delivered a  fundamental change to the way this was delivered throughout the National Private Wealth business. This is one of Kristen's great passions within business and feels that getting culture right can change the way a business performs both internally and externally. 

Kristen has over 20 years experience within the Financial Services industry in management, leadership, strategy and sales.

Since becoming a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Kristen has joined a number of boards and community positions:

Co Founder Adelaide's Longest Lunch : 2015 - Current
St Andrews Hospital Foundation Board Director : 2015 -Current
State Theatre Company SA Board Director : 2014 - Current
Women of Adelaide Committee, Adelaide Football Club : 2013-2017
Mentoring Program, Adelaide Football Club : 2013 - Current

Kristen also runs a program for Students which provides finance coaching from ages 10-22 years, called Get Money Smart. She would love to see far more children supported to understand how to manage and respect money ensuring the future generation is more financially savvy. 

Meet Kristen Raison

Meet Rilka Warbanoff

Cook, teacher, entrepreneur, author, radio personality

Her book, Rilka’s Feasts, was published by HarperCollins in 2012., and she made a triumphant return to radio in 2014, became the ‘5AA Foodie’, with Adelaide listeners embracing her infectious enthusiasm. Now a on Tuesday afternoons Sunday nights and 5MU on Thursday morning you can get a tip from Rilka anytime.

Meet Rilka Warbanoff


Why have you chosen these charities?

We look for local charities who can benefit from more profiling within the local community or charities which might be near and dear to the local businesses. Each year we plan to ensure we chose someone different.

Why do I have to wear white?

We wanted to ensure the day was all about having fun, promoting local producers, wines and restaurants and by having the event themed white we are not competing with any other brand colour. We are then able to make use of the charities of choice and add a little flair i.e. this year All White with a touch of Tennis elegance and class.

Exactly how long is this lunch?

This is the longest running from a time perspective, we start greeting guests at 11.15am with the event finishing at an afterparty at a secret location (which tends to go until early morning) oh and the Bridge being over 270 meters long helps too. Our plan is for the length of this long table to grow each year… last year we hosted 600 guests, this year it is 750 guests.

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